LBT-270 Parasitic Current Draw with Dave Hobbs




In this video, AVI teams up with Delphi instructor and electrical mastermind, Dave Hobbs to bring you the most comprehensive class on parasitic battery drains on the market. Dave will guide you through the entire diagnosis process, step by step and in order to make sure you have confirmed the customer complaint all the way to verifying the repair.

Learn how to use various meters and switches, understand their application and function with clear and precise instructions. Make sense of Amps, volts and ohms while learning to convert them into smaller values like milliamps and millivolts; making the diagnosis process more accurate and precise. Most importantly, learn how to diagnose a vehicle right the first time avoiding costly mistakes and time melting road blocks.

In this video:
•    Understanding meter usage
•    Understanding meter functionality
•    Battery drain diagnosis preparation
•    How to catch the complaint in the act
•    Shorts, opens and high resistance circuits
•    Understanding electricity flow
•    Diagnosis road blocks
•    Comparing DTCs to drain characteristics
•    On site diagnosis and repair


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