SW Service Solutions – Monthly

$125.00 / month

$125 per month/per advisor


Additional Courses coming soon!

Currently Included:

 “The First Step” A 9-part series that covers how to:

  • Setting goals and the right first impression.
  • Greet customers professionally
  • Focus on customers’ concerns by asking thorough diagnostic questions
  • Reaffirm your understanding of the customers’ concerns, and put their minds at ease
  • Perform a professional walk-around
  • Use a professional technique to transition into the sale
  • Inform the customers of all maintenance needs by giving benefit-based presentations
  • Build relationships to increase customer retention
  • Personalize closing techniques
  • Offer realistic promise times
  • Follow-up and inform customers throughout the day
  • Schedule the next visit

Package #1

  • “Service Writer verses Professional Service Advisor” A fun look at the differences between a reactive order taker and a successful pro-active advisor.
  • ” Learning Benefits” A four-part series that teaches the simple yet effective benefits for all preventative maintenance items.
  • “Asking Diagnostic Questions” Advisors receive clear instruction on how to get the most important diagnostic information so that your shop stays productive.

Package #2

  • “Telephone Skills” A four-part series for advisors and service receptionist basic skills and etiquette every professional should know before answering the phone.
  • “Advance Telephone Skills” Two sessions to help your team turn every price call into a customer by getting them through the door.

Package #3

  • “Selling Tires” Two classes that cover important tire facts and how to sell using the “Good, Better, Best” method to get the sale!
  • “Understanding Personalities” A four-part series that will help your advisors understand and recognize the four basic personality types so they can communicate more effectively.

$125 per month/per advisor

The most unique and effective service advisor training on the market! 

Fixed Ops University utilizes entertaining animations, quizzes, click-through presentations, and fill-in-the-blank handouts that will keep your advisors engaged! Our simple yet effective step by step approach will teach your advisors how to increase their sales while delivering excellent service. Your clients will never go anywhere else once they experience your new level of professional customer service.

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