sw Service Solutions: What Drivers Want in Automotive Service


July 21 – 2:00pm EST


July 21 – 2:00pm EST

Research shows there is no clear differentiation between service facilities in driver’s minds. “Aren’t they all about the same?”  This statement alone makes it clear that drivers are yours to win!

Before we can win them over by exceeding their expectations, we need to know what their expectations are! Sally Whitesell, the president and founder of sw Service Solutions has combined her 25 years of service advisor training and service consulting with important Google research for a session packed full of critical facts, impactful quotes, and simple solutions that will change your customer’s perceptions.

This session will cover:

  • How drivers feel about service centers
  • Why your digital presence matters
  • Critical moments to win customers over
  • How to use each critical moment the most effectively
  • The importance of transparency in service
  • How to make your store the most convenient
  • The importance of establishing a routine for your staff and guests

Sally will explain how to use this information to create successful policies and processes that will change “Aren’t they all about the same?”  to, “I wouldn’t go anyplace else to get my car serviced.” You will walk away with a clear understanding of how to create loyalty while increasing sales, customer satisfaction scores and reviews.


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